AELER Expands Global Footprint through Strategic Partnerships with Key Local Agencies to Tackle Global Logistics Challenges

Switzerland, 5th December 2023 — AELER, the Swiss-based scale-up behind the groundbreaking Unit One Smart Shipping Container revolutionising the maritime logistics industry, is excited to announce its strategic expansion into new markets. Through a series of transformative long-term partnerships with a range of key logistics stakeholders, AELER is expanding its reach and capabilities, bringing the Unit One to an even wider global audience.

AELER has partnered strategically with a select group of local agencies that share a commitment to innovation and sustainable logistics practices. These partnerships will provide robust and scalable infrastructure to allow regional shippers to access and benefit from AELER’s supply chain solutions, while leveraging local logistics experience and expertise.

Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Naik Londono, commented on the company’s expansion plans through these partnerships, stating, “Our goal is to provide innovative, value-added solutions that set us apart in the logistics industry. These partnerships enable us to expand rapidly into specific regions while empowering our local agency partners to offer unique, sustainable logistics services that no one else provided until now.”

The local agencies that AELER is partnering with include:

  • Navex (Portugal)
    Navex is a leading shipping agent in the Portuguese market covering all major national ports and economic areas, providing an integrated intermodal transport service to fulfil the needs of each customer.
  • Lyonel Antoine Makzume (LAM) (Turkey)
    Founded in Iskenderun, Turkey in 1944, LAM (Lyonel A. Makzume) Group of Companies has grown from a single local shipping agency into a group of shipping, logistics and service companies. Operating across shipping, freight forwarding and special infrastructure projects, LAM now operates in 4 continents with 50 offices globally.
  • Kaichem (Taiwan)
    Kaitrans (soon to be rebranded to Kaichem) offers a wide range of freight forwarding services, including Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), to manage cargo traffic to/from Taiwan. They provide comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions tailored to the company’s specific requirements.
  • JNC (Singapore & Thailand)
    JNC is a one-stop service provider offering comprehensive and reliable freight services (ocean, air transport, multimodal and more) customers. With over 150 agents worldwide, JNC brings customised solutions to its vast client base.

In addition to local logistics partners, AELER has partnered with the Premier Bulk Liquids Alliance (PBLA) and Premier Cargo Alliance (PCA), the worldwide logistics alliance for independent bulk liquid transporters. Through its extensive network of agencies globally, the PBLA-PCA has supported AELER’s initial partnership outreach.

Sharing more about the partnership, Selim Makzume from LAM said, “By partnering with AELER, we’re demonstrating our commitment to providing sustainable cargo transportation solutions. We are now able to deliver unmatched value, increasing payload for our bulk liquid clientele, providing enhanced protection for temperature and humidity sensitive cargo as well as state of the art digital visibility, all while actively participating in industry decarbonisation.”

AELER’s expansion roadmap encompasses 15 countries: Austria, Germany, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and South Africa. These markets were strategically selected based on customer demand and the company’s commitment to addressing logistics challenges on a global scale.

The key expectations for these markets’ partnerships include enabling local agencies to utilise AELER’s innovative technology, strengthening their relationships with existing customers, and addressing cargo imbalances in specific countries. These milestones will be achieved through collaboration and the exchange of expertise between AELER and its partner agencies.

Michael Chou from Kaichem, sharing his experience of partnering with AELER mentioned, “Working closely with AELER has been a game-changer for our agency. Their innovative Unit One container is enabling us to provide our customers with sustainable logistics solutions like never before. This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving innovative and positive change in a sector so vast as the shipping & logistics one.”

Most importantly, these partnerships involve the distribution and usage of AELER’s flagship product, the Unit One Smart Container. The Unit One container is the first certified iteration of the shipping container to undergo innovation in over 60 years. It boasts composite walls that are 3x more insulated and 75% stronger, with the capacity to hold 17% more liquid payload than standard containers, resulting in up to a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions. Thus, these partnerships will accelerate the transition to smarter, more efficient and greener shipping and logistics practices.

Sharing his long-term vision for the company, AELER’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder, David Baur hails that “AELER’s global expansion through strategic partnerships represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards redefining the logistics industry. As it enters new markets and enhances sustainability through innovative solutions, AELER is on a mission to shape the future of cargo logistics.”

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