Today, we talk to Jan Lachenmayer, Director of the Startup Meter at Berlin-based enpact e.V., who walks us through his journey including the ups and downs of foundership and how enpact measures emerging ecosystems with their Startup Meter.   Read More
In this episode of Cita-Cita we talk to Mr. Karl Kretschmer of Permagold eG. Listen in to hear his advice on founding a startup and his vision for a healthy and sustainable agriculture. Read More
Christian Szymanski is a veteran of the marketing profession. Throughout a career of nearly 20 years, he has formed a track record in building up brands, developing and driving holistic advertising strategies and handling multimillion Euro marketing budgets in Europe and North America. Read More
This week, we talk to Dr. Elaine Kim who is a doctor, entrepreneur, designer, writer, wife and mother. Elaine talks about how her experiences and hardships as a working parent and female entrepreneur have contributed to her meaningful projects CRIB and Trehaus Read More
This week, we have Judy and Henning, the husband and wife team behind Clincase, a software company that was founded back in 2004 in Berlin when the startup culture was not even existing yet. Read More
This week on cita cita, we talk to Hari Sivan, Founder and CEO of Singaporean Fintech startup soCash. We asked him why he still believes in cash when digital transactions are on the rise. Read More
This week on cita cita, we talk to James Chua, co-founder of MetroResidences, a web and mobile platform connecting businesses to serviced residences in Singapore. Read More
This week on cita-cita, we get to know Raj Sunder, Founder and CEO of Wootag. Raj’s inspiration for Wootag came about in rather atypical fashion Read More
This week, we are chatting with Venture Capitalist John Kim, Managing Partner at Amasia, a Silicon Valley VC firm focused on bringing Tech companies into Asia. Read More
This week, we got the chance to talk to Val Yap, Founder and CEO of PolicyPal and Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle. Read More
This week on cita-cita, we had a casual chat with Adrianna Tan, founder and CEO of fintech startup Wobe. Read More
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