bitgrit Gears up to Kick Off Global Series!

Following the successful World Data Science Forum vol 2 in Tokyo, Japanese firm bitgrit gears up to kick off global series next.

Over the last decade, widespread technological advances have led to a massive explosion in the data generated and retained by institutions, companies and individuals. As data becomes increasingly integral in understanding the complexities of the modern business ecosystem, the demand for data scientists has never been higher.

The 2nd Edition of the World Data Science Forum which featured preeminent Data Scientists from both Japan and India took this conversation further. The speakers further explored the important topics related to Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and they are just getting started.

From hypothetical conversations on the wheelchair of the future to open discussions on the limitations of IoT (internet of things) the speakers covered the reality on the ground today and explored the possibility of technology for tomorrow.

Speakers included two professors from IIT Delhi – Prof Arpan Kar and Prof M.P. Gupta covering the following topics information systems, data science, machine learning, digital transformation and smart cities. Mr Debashish Banerjee, who is an analytics and cognitive leader at Deloitte Consulting in Hyderabad, India, touched upon work force analytics, predictive modelling, and how AI can become a reality for their clients across the industry. Furthermore, to add, there were two local speakers. Prof Noboru Koshizuka of University of Tokyo who touched upon Information studies and the technology initiatives around the topic. Lastly, Mr Kengo Horiuchi who is the Director of Marketing at Treasure Data spoke on how AI and Blockchain help businesses in the digital marketing space and building new leads.

And was attended by over 150 data scientists and students.

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