SiSaf Celebrates New Strategic Partnership with Croda

Vickers Venture Partners, the lead investor in the A2 Interim Funding round for pioneering UK based bio-pharmaceutical company SiSaf Ltd (‘SiSaf’), is excited by the new strategic partnership that has been announced with Croda International Plc (‘Croda’), the name behind high performance ingredients and technologies that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere.  A commercial arrangement has been agreed between the two companies involving the use and development of SiSaf’s patented bio-courier ProSilic®, a novel drug delivery technology. Croda will also acquire a minority shareholding in SiSaf.

Vickers Venture Partners, who is targeting a US$500 million fund at biotech, nanotech and AI companies during 2018, believes that the collaboration between SiSaf and Croda confirms the potential of SiSaf’s technology, its business model and the expertise of the team that they originally identified.

Dr. Finian Tan, Chairman at Vickers Venture Partners, said; “Biotechnology is one of the most promising areas of investment opportunity that we see and it’s also the best-performing sector in our portfolio. Safe and effective actives delivery is a multi-billion-dollar problem for a large number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, animal health and personal care. Sisaf’s bio-courier technology is a great example of our strategy of investing in platform technologies built around groundbreaking science, and it has already shown itself to be scalable and capable of solving the most difficult formulation challenges. We are excited that Croda, a FTSE-100-listed company and highly-respected name in the field, similarly recognizes the great potential that SiSaf’s leading-edge technology brings to the drug and actives delivery industry. We hope that the partnership will open doors in terms of global market access and also drive further development of Sisaf’s patented technology.”

Dr Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Founder and CEO of SiSaf, said; “This is more than an investment of capital. It is an investment in our belief that good science equals good business. Our strategic partnership with Croda will turn potential into reality much faster than SiSaf could have achieved alone. We are extremely proud to be working with such an impressive organisation to boost the development of ProSilic technology and together I am sure we will exceed the expectations of Croda’s customers worldwide.”

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