Oracare Group-backed MOS Dental Unveils 28th Clinic, Bringing Quality and Accessible Dental Care to Extended Network in Bangkok

The market-leading dental clinic chain in Thailand has doubled its number of clinics in 3 years since embarking on this strategic partnership with Southeast Asia’s leading dental network

Singapore, 11 October 2022 — MOS Dental, the market leading chain of dental clinics in Thailand under Oracare Group, announces today the opening of its 28th clinic in Bangkok. The new clinic is strategically located in the residential district of Prawet, and will unlock avenues for more dental patients to access quality dental care backed by international dentistry standards, at accessible prices.

The launch is the latest addition to the MOS Dental network, furthering the brand’s 22-year commitment to bringing smiles to its users. It also confirms the dental group as one of the fastest growing in Bangkok, expanding from 14 to 28 clinics since joining forces with Oracare Group. The newest location meets a growing demand for dental care by volumes of satisfied patients, allowing more people to gain access to certified dental professionals and specialists.

“MOS Dental and Oracare Group share the same belief that embracing technology is key to enhancing the customer journey and experience. I am proud to have partnered with Oracare Group to take MOS’s expansion to the next level whilst embracing digital technology and dentistry, to make the Miracle of Smile a reality for more patients across Bangkok,” said Dr Adisorn Hanworawong, Founder and CEO of MOS Dental Clinic. Dr Adisorn brings over 21 years of experience as a seasoned dental practitioner, dedicating his career to building the MOS Dental brand shortly after graduating from dental school in 1999.

The seamless integration of Oracare Group’s robust management systems and standards into MOS Dental’s workflows and processes have placed the dental chain at the forefront of quality dental care. With access to Oracare Group’s first-class hygiene standards and safety protocols, MOS Dental was able to go above and beyond industry protocols for infection control at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand. MOS Dental was recognised as a leader in implementing best practices for Infection Control across their clinics and were subsequently invited to support the formulation of industry-wide infection control policies for private dental clinics across the country.

Establishing Industry Standards in Dental Care

Beyond patient care, MOS Dental commits itself to elevating industry standards by nurturing key talent. Each year, MOS Dental partners with suppliers and universities to train over 100 dentists in the latest standards of dental care. From fresh graduates to seasoned professionals, dentists undergo rigorous training programmes at MOS Dental, opening an accelerated pathway for obtaining specialist qualifications to further their practice. The chain’s unform training programmes enable dental professionals to adhere to a single standard, enabling the delivery of standardised care across all its clinics. This way, patients can enjoy the same level of care even across different MOS Dental clinics.

At the Forefront of Digital Dentistry Adoption in Thailand

In Thailand, MOS Dental has led the adoption of digital dentistry, even before it was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Under its strategic partnership, Oracare Group has transferred knowledge and provided capital to support MOS Dental in its digitalisation journey. MOS Dental has further enhanced the customer experience and treatment outcomes by introducing cutting-edge technology such as Intraoral Scanners which eliminate the need for teeth moulding whilst allowing patients to view high quality visuals of their current oral health. Dentists can also perform dental implant procedures with less tissue trauma thanks to digital X-ray machines and images captured digitally to provide more accurate diagnosis and facilitate treatment plans. With added digital radiography and CT scan capabilities, MOS Dental is one of the first clinics to provide customised dental implants by merging CT scans onto intraoral scan files, as well as CAD-CAM ceramic restoration to its patients.

“Oracare Group is always looking for new ways to help our partners grow in the industry, so we can better achieve shared goals and break through glass ceilings to scale greater heights within the dentistry space. MOS Dental’s newest expansion is testament to the strength of the strategy and support that we provide to our partners. We are excited to continue this journey with MOS Dental to collectively bring the next level of dental care to Southeast Asia,” said Leon Luai, Chief Executive Officer of Oracare Group.

Having opened 8 new clinics during the pandemic, the group is well placed to continue driving its rapid expansion in Bangkok, as well as other regions in Thailand.


About Oracare Group

Oracare Group is one of the largest dental groups in Southeast Asia. Backed by private investment firm, White Cloud Capital, Oracare Group currently has 44 clinics across Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Oracare operates under its Family Dental Centre and Expat Dental brands in Singapore, in Thailand under market leading MOS Dental brand, and Tawa Dental Studio in Indonesia.

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About MOS Dental

Miracle of Smile Dental Clinic (MOS) is a market leading dental chain in Thailand and a member of Singapore-headquartered Oracare Group. Founded in 2000, MOS Dental operates 28 clinics in Bangkok and its vicinity, leveraging the international standards and expertise of Oracare Group to provide quality dental services at affordable price points. MOS Dental offers comprehensive dentistry services such as teeth whitening, jaw and chin surgery, veneers and orthodontics. Since 2018, MOS Dental has also been consecutively recognised as an Invisalign Diamond provider, an accolade accorded to just 5 dental providers in the country.

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