OrangeTee Unveils Brand Refresh: Empowering Everyone to Find Their Place

A revamped visual identity and streamlined user experience to redefine the real estate landscape 

Singapore, 18 March 2024 — Leading Singaporean real estate agency, OrangeTee, has unveiled a comprehensive brand refresh that signifies its unwavering commitment to simplifying the real estate experience for all. The first reiteration in identity since its inception in 2000, it encompasses all brands under OrangeTee Group, including OrangeTee Advisory, OrangeTee & Tie, and OrangeTee International. The brand refresh features a new vision, mission, slogan, website, and logo, along with a renewed strategic focus on productivity, presence, and partnerships.   

Core Values Reflected in New Slogan
At the heart of the refresh lies OrangeTee’s new slogan, “Find Your Place”. This simple yet powerful statement embodies the company’s dedication to empowering home seekers, businesses, and agents throughout their real estate journey, while addressing their diverse and varying needs. To home seekers, “Find Your Place” means finding their dream space to live in with confidence, while for businesses, the same slogan translates to finding a solution that prioritises their unique business needs for now, and for generations to come. For OrangeTee agents, “Find Your Place” means finding a platform where they can succeed with confidence.  

The refresh process involved extensive consultations with key stakeholders and a comprehensive internal brand survey. This approach ensured that all voices and perspectives within OrangeTee were incorporated, resulting in a brand identity that truly reflects the company’s core values. 

“We’re thrilled to unveil OrangeTee’s brand refresh, signifying our renewed commitment to simplification, accessibility, and empowerment. This marks a strategic pivot towards strengthening partnerships and bolstering our presence in the real estate landscape. Through this revitalised identity, we’re not only simplifying the real estate experience but also fostering a stronger network of collaboration and support, empowering everyone to ‘Find Your Place’ with confidence and clarity.” said Justin Quek, CEO of OrangeTee.  

The updated brand logo, identity, website, and visual elements have been updated to represent OrangeTee’s refreshed vision. Key updates include:  

  • Reinvigorated Logo: The iconic OrangeTee logo has been refined for a cleaner and more modern look, emphasising accessibility and clarity. The circular share suggests unity and integration, symbolising a comprehensive full-service approach to real estate. Letters “O” and “T” has been strategically placed to form the silhouette of a home to showcase OrangeTee’s commitment to be a trustworthy partner during the real estate journey.  
  • Refreshed mission, vision, and slogan: OrangeTee’s core values are now clearly articulated through its new mission, vision, and slogan. The vision aligns with the company’s commitment to making real estate understandable and accessible to all. With enhanced technology and tools, OrangeTee aims to help both consumers and agents navigate the real estate landscape with confidence. 
  • Enhanced User Interface: The company website and digital platforms have been redesigned with a focus on user-friendliness and intuitive navigation, ensuring a smooth user experience for both consumers and agents.  

OrangeTee’s commitment to client empowerment goes beyond the visual refresh, with the company planning to launch a series of digital innovations and new initiatives during its upcoming Elevate Annual Convention on 12 April. These tools will further equip consumers and agents alike with the knowledge and resources to make better-informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.  

Relevant images can be downloaded at this link.  

For more information and updates on their new development and launches, please visit OrangeTee’s website here 

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