smilogy clear aligners with Flexible Packages and Remote Scanning, Now Exclusively Transforming Smiles in Singapore through Oracare Group Clinics

Technology meets convenience: smilogy world-class clear aligners come with remote scanning AI technology, so patients scan when and where they choose while making real progress towards their smile goals

SINGAPORE, 25 May 2023 – A smile can make a big difference in a person’s day. For some, the confidence to share their smile is diminished as they don’t have the straight, healthy teeth they desire. Clear aligner treatments have been steadily growing in popularity, but smilogy, a new player in the Singapore market stands to boost accessibility for thousands of patients, not just with their competitively priced packages, but with the remote scanning included, allowing patients to progress with their treatment with reduced follow-up visits to the dentist.

smilogy clear aligners originated in Australia, drawing from over 87 years of local dental industry experience to combine the best of global dental technology with a passion for delivering quality patient care. Their clear aligner production facility was the result of years of significant research, to create an aligner product and service that produces patient results and satisfaction.

Even the best aligners and AI technology cannot deliver a complete treatment. smilogy will be exclusively available at Oracare Group, one of the largest dental groups in Southeast Asia. The clinicians of Oracare have extensive experience and favourable patient feedback, bringing key expertise to provide a comprehensive smilogy experience to Singapore smiles.

Patients with busy lifestyles can at times struggle to schedule regular dental appointments. Understanding this, smilogy identified an opportunity to combine their world-class clear aligners with AI integrated technology, allowing patients to reduce their in clinic appointments significantly, by using the included ScanBox Pro and secure DentalMonitoring app to submit their remote teeth scans for their dentist’s review. smilogy prices start from just SGD$2,800.00 which includes the ScanBox Pro unit, with the DentalMonitoring app just a simple download from the App Store or Google Play away.

The result is win/win for patients and their clinicians, with positive clinical outcomes and fast progress as remote monitoring allows for patients to move onto their next aligner stage promptly when all is on track. The in-app communication means clinical guidance can be offered when a scan suggests longer wearing of a particular aligner or the patient’s method of seating their aligners may need improvement. For any further intervention required, patients can be rest assured an in-person appointment will be made so we maintain the level of patient care.

“The proven success of smilogy clear aligner treatments in Australia has afforded us the opportunity to expand into new markets, sharing our complete orthodontic solution with new patients and their clinicians. We have the utmost confidence in the Oracare Group with its impressive history of quality care and valuable knowledge of the local market. Together, we can begin to transform smiles in Singapore, boosting patient experience while always ensuring the best clinical outcomes,” said Andrew Kitchen, Director of smilogy.

“Oracare Group has always been focused on improving the experiences of our patients through adopting innovative technologies, which improve their quality of life and treatment efficiency. The partnership with smilogy is testament to the pride we take in ensuring that our digital experience provided to patients is as seamless as possible. We are pleased to elevate the dental digitalisation experience our customers deserve with smilogy, and look forward to a new generation of confident smiles,” said Dr Shaun Thompson, Founder and CEO of Expat Dental.

The launch of smilogy in Singapore heralds greater freedom for those busy working professionals, seeking to straighten their teeth but reluctant to start on a treatment plan that will require hours in the dentist’s chair. From initial consultation, most patients receive their custom-made clear aligners in just 2 weeks, then proceed on their smile journey with an efficient combination of remote monitoring and in-person follow ups with their dentists. Patients can embark on their Smilogy Clear Aligners journey exclusively at Oracare Group clinics, by visiting their nearest Family Dental Centre (FDC) and Expat Dental clinics islandwide for a consultation regarding their need and treatment plan or visiting



About Oracare Group
Oracare Group is one of the largest dental groups in Southeast Asia. Backed by private investment firm, White Cloud Capital, Oracare Group currently has 45 clinics across Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Oracare operates under its Family Dental Centre and Expat Dental brands in Singapore, in Thailand under market leading MOS Dental brand, and Tawa Dental Studio in Indonesia. For more information visit

About smilogy
smilogy offers patients a cost-effective and convenient way to achieve their desired results for straighter teeth without any compromise on care. Offering shorter waiting times so patients can get started sooner, smilogy’s custom made clear aligners come in flexible packages to suit patient requirements and include Ai integrated remote scanning technology, saving patients the stress of booking and returning for follow up appointments when all is on track. Backed by over 85 years of experience in the dental industry and using best in class manufacturing processes in Sydney, Australia, smilogy’s commitment to quality, care, comfort and convenience is unparalleled in today’s clear aligner market.

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