UWS STEM FEST 2023 unveiled the future of STEM careers, inspiring a new generation of female leaders to build their futures.

Singapore, 14 November 2023 – As the world celebrates STEM Day today, United Women Singapore (UWS) announced it successfully concluded its annual STEM Fest, Career Readiness Edition 2023 on 4th November. The event emphasised the pivotal and crucial role of women in shaping STEM to solve growing and complex world problems. 

The festival, in its second year, is a strategic initiative by UWS to address the gender gap in STEM fields in Singapore and aims to prepare the next generation of women for the future of work. The non-profit organisation, as part of its flagship Girls2Pioneers programme, focuses on empowering young women with the skills, knowledge, and mentorship opportunities necessary to lead and innovate in the STEM careers of tomorrow.  

Attracting over 370 attendees, the event centered on equipping girls ages 13 and above with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving STEM arena. Attendees were exposed to emerging STEM areas, gaining insights into prospective career paths through enlightening talks, hands-on workshops, and invaluable mentoring sessions.  

A key highlight of the festival was a fireside chat with Ms Gan Siow Huang, Minister of State for Education and Manpower. In her dialogue with Haslinda Amin, Chief International Correspondent (Southeast Asia), Bloomberg, Minister Gan shared about her journey in a male-dominated industry during her military days and how parents can encourage their children to deepen and pursue their interests in STEM. 

Dynamic 20-minute speed mentoring sessions were curated to foster personalised connections between students and industry experts, while the workshops included hands-on activities with industry heavyweights including Visa, Google, Microsoft, HP, Abbott, JP Morgan, STMicroelectronics and more. Through different activities, students learned about key skills needed in STEM careers, such as creativity, problem-solving and decision-making. Another key takeaway was how STEM education intersects with areas like wealth management, product design and sustainability.  

Kuo Yang Foo, Senior Director, Singapore Business and Operations HR at STMicroelectronics praised the UWS event for providing students with invaluable experiences across multiple industries, while fostering engagement with industry professionals beyond traditional education. 

“ST’s collaboration with UWS plays an important role in providing young women with valuable insight into the semiconductor industry. That effort covers a wide range of functions including manufacturing, R&D and more. This shapes their understanding of our exciting industry, while highlighting the endless career potential in STEM. We are seeing many inquisitive minds who are eager to learn and grow, which demonstrates the increasing appeal for STEM-related education and careers among young women.” 

Haripriya Venkatesan, a year 2 student at Singapore Polytechnic shared that “The overall STEM programme and this annual festival have introduced me to the power of networking and its potential to shape my future. Surrounded by numerous encouraging mentors and hands-on learning activities, my confidence and skill sets have grown exponentially. Despite being a STEM student, my understanding of available opportunities was limited, however UWS programmes have shattered those preconceptions and instilled a newfound confidence and motivation to strive for success.” 

Key panels of high-profile speakers and thought leaders also graced the festival, sharing their visions of the evolving STEM workspace. They delved deep into the criticality of transferable skills acquired through STEM education and highlighted their application even outside traditional STEM vocations. 

With a successful wrap-up of this year’s edition, UWS STEM Fest has served as a beacon, spotlighting the significance of women in STEM and the invaluable contributions they can offer.  

UWS President Georgette Tan commenting on the success of the organisation’s second STEM Fest said, “UWS STEM Fest 2023 has been a resounding success in our mission to cultivate a diverse and robust pipeline of future female leaders in STEM. As STEM Fest evolves, we want to provide up-to-date and relevant insights on how girls can equip themselves to succeed in emerging STEM fields. This festival is a testament to the bright future that awaits when we invest in the potential of women. As we continue to champion gender equality and empowerment across all sectors, the impact of initiatives like STEM Fest sends a powerful message: inclusivity is not just a goal, it is the foundation for innovation and progress.” 

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About United Women Singapore STEM Fest 2023 

United Women Singapore STEM Fest 2023 is a path breaking event dedicated to preparing and empowering young women for STEM careers that are poised to shape the future job market. With a focus on equipping girls with the awareness, skills, and confidence, the event​ ​offers insights, interactions and inspiration to young women aspiring to excel in STEM fields. Join us in our commitment to a more diverse and innovative STEM industry. Learn more at   


About United Women Singapore    

United Women Singapore (UWS) is a local non-profit organisation that advances women’s empowerment and gender equality. The organisation works towards narrowing the gender equality gap through education and raising awareness and advocacy on issues of anti-violence and women’s empowerment, with the support of partners from the public and private sectors. Find out more at   

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