Anyone Can Be an ATM: Hari Sivan

This week on cita cita, we talk to Hari Sivan, Founder and CEO of Singaporean Fintech startup soCash. We asked him why he still believes in cash when digital transactions are on the rise.

Tune in to see how he went from working in the banking industry convincing people to go cashless to enabling more cash usage in Southeast Asia.

soCash is a finance technology start-up that has developed a software and mobile application for cash distribution network. Essentially, soCash provides their users with simple and convenient solutions to access cash wherever they are and whenever they want.

Hari Sivan, soCash

Hari Sivan, soCash

soCash is currently working towards streamlining their cash distribution channel via direct engagement with 1) Banks to integrate into their mobile banking platforms and extend cash distribution beyond ATMs, and 2) neighbourhood minimarts that will be the “ATM”.

The cash distribution channel will be a simple 3 step process done through the mobile app. Users place an order -> select a nearby neighbourhood merchant -> collect cash.

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