Husband and Wife Team Behind Clincase

This week, we have Judy and Henning, the husband and wife team behind Clincase, a software company that was founded back in 2004 in Berlin when the startup culture was not even existing yet. Judy, who is Singaporean and Henning who is German, are now here with me to talk about their journey.

Judy Lux, Co-Founder and COO of Quadratek Data Solutions. Judy is responsible for all of the company’s worldwide operations, including corporate finance and quality assurance.

Prior to founding Clincase, Judy spent 20 years in Business management in Singapore with diverse organizations including LG International, The Ascott service agency, and Milcom Aerospace Group. Through working with pioneers of industry like the late Dr. Diana Young, her entrepreneurial spirit was inspired.

In 2004, Judy moved to Berlin in search of an entrepreneurial challenge. She started as a consultant for supporting intercultural work dynamics between German and Chinese SMEs. Following that, in 2008 she committed fully to Clincase and built up it’s operations and quality assurance management system.

Judy is currently leading efforts to expand Clincase into the Asian market.

Henning Lux, CEO of Clincase has more than 20 years of experience in technology entrepreneurship. He started his journey with managing his father’s IT system and service business. Noting the rise of the internet in 1997, he founded one of the first eClinical solutions software companies in the world; and with it, transformed how clinical trials are run. As a result, the company achieved rapid expansion to London and Singapore.

Ready for a new venture, in 2004 he started Clincase in Berlin with a partner. With 20 years of experience in eClinical solutions software, he has grown Clincase’s product portfolio to include several acclaimed products such as the Clincase EDC, Clinical Supply System, and Risk Based Monitoring platform. Despite the complexity of clinical trials, Clincase embodies Henning’s philosophy that software needs to be simple and powerful.

Henning is currently focused on leveraging user centric design, and working on a mobile solution to display and collect patient data in clinical trials.

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