Cochlear calls for seniors to prioritise their hearing health through its World Hearing Day campaign, Listen To Me 

With the World Health Organization’s theme for World Hearing Day 2024 “Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all!”, Cochlear Singapore aims to shine a spotlight on the precious human interactions seniors can miss out on if they do not seek treatment for hearing loss.   


Regular hearing checks and timely treatment for hearing loss can make a huge difference to a senior’s quality of life, helping them to remain socially active and maintain meaningful relationships with their loved ones.   


To mark World Hearing Day on 3 March 2024, Cochlear Singapore, a global leader in implantable hearing solutions, is launching its Listen To Me campaign. The objective is to raise awareness about prioritising hearing health as you age, particularly if you are experiencing signs of hearing loss such as struggling to follow telephone conversations, turning up the volume on the television or avoiding social situations in cafés or shopping malls where background noise can make it difficult to hear.  


The Listen To Me campaign invites seniors and their children or grandchildren to record themselves talking about a subject of their choice, before uploading their video onto Instagram with the hashtag #ListenToMe. During their conversations, participants are asked to wear headphones so they can experience just some of the difficulties people with hearing loss may face as they try to communicate.   


The Listen To Me campaign – which is open to anyone in Singapore – aims to shine a spotlight on the importance of maintaining our hearing health so that you can stay connected to the activities and people you love.  


Cochlear’s General Manager, Asia Growth Markets, Amy Zheng said, “World Hearing Day is a timely reminder that better hearing is not only important for our physical health and wellbeing, but it also plays a critical role in our personal happiness by helping us to enjoy those cherished moments with our family and friends.”  


“The earlier hearing loss is diagnosed, the sooner people can receive treatment with an appropriate hearing solution, which can help them enjoy a better quality of life as they age. Through the Listen To Me campaign, our message is clear: if you are over 55 and you are experiencing signs of hearing loss, even with hearing aids, make an appointment with your doctor or audiologist immediately.”   


According to the World Health Organization’s World Report on Hearing, hearing loss becomes common as you age.1 Almost two in three adults above 60 years of age experience some degree of hearing loss. This rises to more than 80% of people aged 85 and older.1-2 Even if you have milder degrees of hearing loss, exploring all options early is particularly important as hearing loss can progress over time.1,3 Your hearing loss can also impact your relatives and caregivers. They may have to change how they communicate with you and feel extra burden in helping to communicate on your behalf, which can impact their social life too.4-6 Treating hearing loss early can help to maintain your ability to think and remember.7-9 

Hearing loss costs the global economy USD$980 billion annually in lost productivity and other impacts.1 Currently, 65% of individuals over the age of 60 experience some form of hearing loss, with the majority facing levels that significantly affect their daily lives.1 This includes senior people in Singapore, where hearing loss remains a prevalent and under-treated health issue.10 The Understanding Consumer Sentiment Towards Hearing Health report* that was commissioned by Cochlear Singapore in 2023 found that among respondents who reported hearing difficulties, only 24% have undergone or are currently seeking treatment, while 32% of those who have not sought treatment said they were not aware of where and how to seek help for their hearing issues. 


If you have any concerns about your hearing, or the hearing of a loved one, book a hearing check with your local hearing healthcare professional. 



Please seek advice from your health professional about treatments for hearing loss. Outcomes may vary, and your health professional will advise you about the factors which could affect your outcome. Always follow the directions for use.  


*About Understanding Consumer Health Sentiment Towards Health Report 

The Understanding Consumer sentiment towards hearing health report was undertaken by TAGR Research on behalf of Cochlear Singapore and included responses from 1000 people (1k sample size). 


About Cochlear Limited (ASX: COH)     

People have always been Cochlear’s inspiration, ever since Professor Graeme Clark set out to create the first multi-channel cochlear implant after seeing his father struggle with hearing loss. Since 1981, Cochlear has provided more than 750,000 devices in more than 180 countries, helping people of all ages around the world to hear. As the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, Cochlear connects people with life’s opportunities and welcomes them to the world’s largest hearing implant community.    

Cochlear has a global workforce of more than 4,800 people with a passion for progress who strive to meet the needs of people with hearing loss. The company continually innovates to anticipate future needs, investing more than AUD$2.7 billion to date [in research and development] to push the boundaries of technology and help more people hear.   


About Hearing Loss     

Hearing loss represents a significant global health burden – currently, one in five people experience hearing loss around the world (1.5 billion people). This figure is expected to rise to one in four people by 2050 (2.5 billion).1 In Singapore, where an estimated 422,000 older adults suffer from hearing loss and over 100,000 may have a disabling hearing impairment, just 3.3% of people with disabling hearing loss choose to wear a hearing aid.11 

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