Data Decides the Winner: Trump has More Fans


Yesterday, the hotly-anticipated summit between (arguably) two of the world’s most vociferous leaders – United States President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un took place on the tiny isle of Sentosa in neutral Singapore. It was a landmark occasion for the ages, as it was the first time the leaders from both nations met face to face to try and make peace amidst decades of diplomatic hostility.

Now that the summit is over (and we even discovered the preferred ice-cream of choice for high-profile diplomatic events is Vanilla by Haagen Dazs) –  we wanted to find out which of the two men drew the biggest crowd.

We spoke to Fysical– a decentralized data location market – for the real deal.

As press and onlookers from all around the world assembled and camped outside of the hotels where President Trump and Mr. Kim were staying at (the Shangri-La and St. Regis respectively) to get a glimpse of them, Fysical took this opportunity to collect data from its suppliers to study which leader attracted more onlookers and interest from the public. Fysical’s analysis showed President Trump’s hotel attracted 22 percent more onlookers than Kim’s hotel. This statistic is interesting and relevant, given the recent international drama and shows of strength leading up to the summit. Looking at the distribution of onlookers around the hotels’ vicinity, it is interesting to note that the foot traffic at the Shangri-La included people entering the hotel itself, whilst most of the traffic around the St. Regis was confined to the streets around the building.

Fysical’s data suppliers contribute over 15 billion data points per month through Fysical with datasets consisting of foot traffic sensor readings, store visit data, commute routes and much more.

Perhaps it is not a surprise given the North Korean leader’s extremely tight security detail whenever he travels (and Trump’s affinity for press coverage), but Fysical’s ability to crunch the numbers and display it visually gives us a deeper insights into how comfortable either leader is with interacting with the general public.

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