When Fantasy Sports Meet Blockchain: Christian Szymanski

About Christian:

Christian Szymanski is a veteran of the marketing profession. Throughout a career of nearly 20 years, he has formed a track record in building up brands, developing and driving holistic advertising strategies and handling multimillion Euro marketing budgets in Europe and North America.

Christian is a strong analytical and strategic thinker. Whenever he sees an opportunity, he calmly assesses the situation. Possessing a vision to create digital entertainment channels around free-to-play online and mobile games, Christian co-founded Stryking Entertainment in 2012 and became the company’s CMO and Product Owner. Ever since, he has been the brains behind Football-Stars – Stryking’s fantasy manager platform comprising the top five European football leagues.

With strong partnerships with the German Bundesliga, sportdigital tv, kicker and their official brand ambassador and advisor Luís Figo, the company is primed for significant growth.

Learn more about Stryking and their upcoming token sale at

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