Future Proof Your Business: Val Yap and Pavel Bains

This week, we got the chance to talk to Val Yap, Founder and CEO of PolicyPal and Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle. Both have completely changed their career path when deciding to take on the challenge of being an entrepreneur in Tech.

What do they want the next generation to know and what’s their take on AI possibly taking over Tech businesses? Boon or bane? Tune in to find out more!

Val Yap, CEO and Founder of PolicyPal

Valenzia (Val) is the CEO and Founder of PolicyPal, a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to simplify and digitise insurance for thousands of people.

Former sales broker at Allianz, Valenzia feels passionately about making insurance protection simple and accessible to everyone. Upon graduation, she worked as a Risk Assurance Consultant at PwC in London.

After that, Valenzia went on to become the Assistant Vice President at OCBC Bank in Singapore focusing on launching digital campaigns, working closely with wealth and marketing to drive innovations.

Valenzia who was recently named to Forbes “30 Under 30” list for Finance and Venture Capital, is a post-graduate with MSc Business Management at Imperial College London and BA Digital Media at University of the Arts London.

She’s a frequent speaker at universities and conferences. When not at work, Valenzia is an avid globe-trotter and a sports enthusiast.

Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle

Pavel Bains is the CEO of Bluzelle, a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer. Bluzelle is a platform that makes it easier for business to leverage the blockchain.

Bluzelle works with British Telecom, TEMENOS, AIA and many other banks and insurers. In addition to fintech, Pavel is an expert in digital media having worked with Disney, Microsoft, Warners Bros, DreamWorks.

Pavel is also a frequent contributor to Forbes, Huffington Post and Fast Company, writing articles in the areas of finance and digital media.

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