Mobikon Invests Heavily in Talent Acquisition to Build Its Core Leadership Team

Series B funding is an important milestone for any company looking to grow and expand. Since August 2017, when Mobikon – a leading customer engagement analytics platform designed for the food and beverages (F&B) industry – received their investment, the plan was always set: to invest in talent.

As such, Mobikon over the past nine months has been acquiring key talent with a clear agenda of growing its leadership team. Additionally, each new strategic hire has been building their respective teams to bring Mobikon’s global head count from 123 to 150.

First on board was Kumar Katra, who in August 2017 joined Mobikon as its President of Business Development and is responsible for driving sales across the multiple geographies in the company’s burgeoning global business. He is a graduate of the Institute of Management & Catering Technology in India and holds an MBA in Finance from SPJC.

The next key hire was Hitesh Anand as Chief Product Officer in November 2017. Hitesh is responsible for Mobikon’s global product strategy; which involves presiding over product management, marketing, partnerships, UX, design and data analytics. He holds a Bachelor of Technology from Guru Nanak Dev University in India, a Master of Science from Arizona State University and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

In 2018, Mobikon shored up its core team with several new key hires. While Pravir Ramtekar became the new VP of Product and Solutions in January, he was followed by Miguel Dy Bonico who became the Regional Head of the Philippines – a key market for the Mobikon group – in March 2018. Soon after, he was followed by Nitin Sood (Vice President for the Middle-East and Africa) and Harish N, the Director of Integrations in May 2018.

Currently, Mobikon’s platform is present in Singapore, India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia and the Philippines and currently services over 700 restaurants and 3,400 food outlets worldwide.

The leading brands currently using Mobikon’s solutions include: Shakey’s Pizza and the Bistro Group (Philippines); Minor Group (Singapore); Leopold’s of London (UAE), as well as; LiteBite Foods, Pan India Foods, Pind Baluchi, Oriental Group, Billion Smiles and Jaypee Group (India). Having succeeded in building a solid foundation for larger and supported growth via the development of its core team, Mobikon can now leverage on its experienced industry veteran to further ramp-up its international expansion.

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