Founding in Emerging Markets with Jan Lachenmayer

Today, we talk to Jan Lachenmayer, Director of the Startup Meter at Berlin-based enpact e.V.

He walks us through his journey including the ups and downs of foundership and how enpact measures emerging ecosystems with their Startup Meter.

About Jan:

Jan is director of enpact’s research and consulting department Startup Meter, where he and his team measure startup ecosystems and collate the results in a Startup-Friendliness-Index with the aim to offer data-driven policy advice, business intelligence support, impact evaluation and customized research to government bodies from North- and East Africa, South East Asia and Europe.  

The non-profit association enpact is one of the leading players for the exchange and development of relationships between young entrepreneurs from geographically diverse startup ecosystems.

Jan is also a former startup founder, management consultant and research lead. He founded tech and non-tech companies, which he ran as CEO, and consulted Dax-listed companies on organisational development and team building. As a research and project lead, Jan managed publicly funded research projects on the intersection of internet, politics and society.

Jan holds an advanced degree (M.A.) in Political Science, Economics and Business Administration from Stuttgart University.

To learn more about enpact and Startup Meter, please visit:



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