Turnkey Lender Announces Collaboration with HPE

Latest Turnkey Lender offering will empower lending organizations to manage their business processes with lower costs and greater productive efficiency.

Turnkey Lender announced a collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to offer Turnkey Lender software, an integrated cloud-based enterprise solution that offers a user-friendly lending automation and credit decision management platform, on the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack.

Turnkey Lender helps lending enterprises utilize an open, secure and integrated end-to-end lending automation solution. The AI-powered modular platform supports the entire loan life-cycle, including application processing, credit scoring and decisioning, loan servicing, soft collection and reporting.

From an initial benchmark test at HPE’s Customer Technology Centre in Singapore, the collaboration will now see the Turnkey Lender solution based on the industry-leading HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack hybrid cloud solution. This will allow Turnkey Lender customers to run robust workloads with the speed, agility, and simplicity of a public cloud, but with the cost-effectiveness and security of a powerful on-premises private cloud.

The new Turnkey Lender solution allows clients to increase operational efficiency, improve accuracy in loan decisions as well as a reduced risk profile for their portfolio. In addition, automation, predictive analytics and access to additional data sources via APIs can be added up to improve yields and boost profits. The solution offers dedicated editions for consumer lending, microfinance, auto loans, mortgages, SME loans, in-house financing, P2P and mobile lending.

“With the growth of digital lending opportunities and speed of digital transformations, lenders need a complete infrastructure ready to be used immediately with the ability to seamlessly scale up as their business grows. Our off-the-shelf lending automation platform with integrated AI-based analytical capabilities offered on HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack helps lenders to go through the digital transformation smoothly introducing new lending initiatives and modernizing their legacy platforms,” said Dmitry Voronenko, CEO at Turnkey Lender.

“Large financial and telecom organizations are under pressure to gain a competitive edge, and are looking to utilize new technologies that drive customer loyalty and revenue growth while simultaneously reducing costs,” said Kong Hoe Chan, General Manager, Solution Sales, Asia Pacific at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “With HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, customers are able to process large amounts of data with little to no latency. Should their workload needs require public cloud resources, the solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure public cloud, creating a true hybrid cloud experience.”

Founded in 2014, Turnkey Lender has built a strong profile for providing end-to-end loan lifecycle management solutions for businesses by improving their ability to process loan applications, automate credit scoring as well as make decisions, digitise business processes and monitoring portfolios. Its portfolio of success is comprised of solutions for online lenders, banks, telecom companies, government agencies and enterprises in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, China and Africa.

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